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Laughing Through Life At Fart Height

Gordon Kirkland's tenth book takes his favorite stories from over two decades of books, newspaper columns, magazine articles, stage shows across North America, and adds new comedic material written just for this book.

With this book, Gordon sets out to prove that, while his spinal cord injury may have affected his sense of feeling, it hasn't touched his sense of humor.

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"Kirkland's specialty is making others laugh at him, at themselves and at life in general"
Reader's Digest

"His writing is an affirmation that we're all in the same boat - it just leaks in different places!"
Lynn Johnston (For Better or For Worse)

"Gordon is a difference maker by using his talents to break down the stereotype that a spinal cord injury leaves the one without a sense of humour.”
Rick Hansen, Man In Motion Wheelchair Athlete


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"Ever since my spinal cord injury in 1990, I have striven to prove that disability is not synonymous with inability."
Gordon Kirkland


Visit Gordon Kirkland's advocacy page for paraplegia and organ transplant issues

Background Photo by Gordon Kirkland. Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, taken while wheelchair hiking in the park, August 2015.

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